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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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11:00, >> hello, i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday. tonight more than a quarter million homes and businesses still without power in new york and new jersey. it's nearing two weeks since that super storm hit there. about 300 people protested outside of long island power authority office today. they're demanding more help. this weekend emergency crews are battling fires that started by generators and stockpiled gasoline. erica ferrari reports tonight, hundreds of volunteers boarded buses today to help out in the hard hit areas. >> reporter: possessions that once filled the homes on long beach island are now piled up outside on the street. >> it's just so sad to look at it all. >> reporter: this coastal new jersey community took a direct hit from sandy. saturday almost two weeks after the storm, many people got their first look at the damage. >> this is not my boat.
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>> reporter: john boil found a boat in his backyard. his 7-year-old vacation home filled with four feet of water. >> it's been through a few storms but this is absolutely the worst. >> reporter: in new york. >> we put in 12 packs in a bag. >> reporter: volunteers like sofia and her daughter fanned out across the city to assist people still struggling. >> they lost a lot of their stuff and their homes right next to the beach. they had a dance and some of us didn't make it through the dance and we're here to give them what they need. >> reporter: volunteers are working to distribute those essentials like blankets, water and diapers. all of these supplies have been donated. but some say help came too late. >> this has only been maybe a week and a half of, you know, fresh water, but for the first 5 or 6 days, no one was there. >> reporter: frustration is especially high on long island. where some of the 130,000 still
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without power are demanding answers from the long island power authority. >> it's like going on and on and on. end it. the power company says it hopes to have electricity restored by late tuesday. erica ferrari for cbs news for rockaway, new york. >> it's worth reporting, that new york utility says some long island residents won't get power until early next week. new revelations tonight in the sudden resignation of cis director. he stepped down yesterday amid an fbi probe on harassing e- mails. the washington post reports senior law enforcement officials say the investigation was triggered when a woman with whom he was having an affair sent threatening e-mails to another woman close to him. the recipient of those e-mails went to the fbi for protection and help in tracking down the sender of those e-mails. that person turned out to be paula broadwell according to the post. the identity of the woman who
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received those e-mails was not discharged and her relationship to petraeus is unknown. broadwell is unavailable for comments since his sudden resignation of cia director this week. the former cia director had this reaction. >> i don't think it affects the institution. obviously it will have an emotional affect, but in terms of the agency doing its job, no, not at all. with regard to general petraeus's career, history many judge that and history wi judge his tremendous contribution to american security over his entire career. >> the broadwell is married and has two children. tomorrow is veteran's day. the nation will because to honor all those who served. the holiday and ceremonies on monday. tonight we've got a story about one veteran whose patriotism istaking a hit. ken molestina explains why the symbol of this country is causing the man heartache and disappointment tonight. >> reporter: if you ask any true red-blooded american
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they'll tell you our flag stands for, among other things, our pride and our history. so you can imagine why one chevy chase neighbor is up in arms after he says he's being forced to store his neighborhood flag that is tattered and torn beyond recognition. >> it gives me the impression people don't care. >> reporter: david russell is vietnam veteran and the unsitely sight of this battered flag down from his street has him upset. >> tomorrow's veteran's day. that doesn't say very much respecting our veterans. >> reporter: if you blink too fast, you'll miss it, but if you look just right beyond the construction site in the small robert eston park on the corner of lee land hands a miserable looking flag. >> i hope something will be done soon. >> reporter: his optimism is running out. he says he's tried reporting the flag to county and flag officials to no avail. every time he calls he gets the runaround. >> i tried to report to montgomery county. they said not our department.
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you can call 303. well, they said, not our department. someone's got to take responsibility. >> reporter: 9 news tried calling montgomery county parks officials and never heard back. according to mr. russell, the tenants of a nearby gas station used to look out for the flag but that place has since gone out of business, and the flag, well, it's become forgotten. >> it hasn't been fixed or replaced for a while. >> reporter: even with strong winds, the flag is torn to the point where it can't even wave in the air. it's what the stars and stripes represent to this veteran that has him upset over this site. >> it's what i live for, willing to put my life down for. >> reporter: now he's fighting a personal battle, to get it fixed so that his street can have a proper show of patriotism. in chevy chase, ken molestina, 9 news. 250,000 meals packed in one day. the nonprofit organization stop hunger now actually did it. volunteers feed the hungry around the globe and here at home. as surae chinn reports tonight from luther church of the
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redeemer in maclaine, virginia. >> reporter: it's a roomful of orchestrated volunteers. >> 36 bags in a box. >> reporter: 15-year-old nick has packed thousands of meals for the hungry in the past three years. >> i think it's a great way to give back to the community. i really feel that, you know, we're in a very privileged area, and we need to give back to those who have less than us. >> reporter: his mother says it's a life lesson for the whole family. >> we come here and do it together and we do it as a family that a little bit can go so long. >> reporter: they are volunteers starving to help others who need. >> i have to do this. this is my responsibility, if somebody on this planet to help somebody else. >> reporter: the youngest in the group to the oldest, enter generational. it's a fun. you are giving back and to actually put your hands into a service project. >> there's so much goodness in
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this one bag. there's vitamins, rice, dehydrated soy and vegetables. this one bag has six servings. >> reporter: the nonprofit organization stop hunger now just sent 170,000 meals to super storm sandy victims up north. these pouches packed with healthy ingredients are going to haiti. 250,000 meals on pallets put into a truck to fill the hungry. these volunteers have never met them. >> i love it. it's the most amazing feeling in the world to give back like this. it really does feel good. >> reporter: in maclaine, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> surae says stop hunger now hopes to reach 1 billion meals by 2015. we've got a deadly collision between a motorcycle and a pedestrian. it left two people dead in suitland, maryland. it happened before 4:00 this afternoon on the southbound portion of branch avenue
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between st. barna bass and iverson road. an adult male pedestrian died at the scene. he was not in the crosswalk. a motorcyclist was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later. police have not released their names pending notification of family members. a woman dies in police custody and tonight investigators are trying to determine exactly what happened. police say yukali boyd of northwest washington injured herself while in the cell of the third district police station last night. the 42-year-old woman was taken to g.w. university hospital where she was pronounced dead. boyd was arrested friday afternoon for allegedly assault ago police officer. simple assault and possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. the police department's internal affairs office is now handling this investigation. today marked the first ever mala today. the united states declared the day in honor of the pakistani
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schoolgirl shot in the head by the taliban. across pakistan men, women and children lit candles to pay homage to her who championed gills rights to education. more than 30,000 people signed a petition to nominate her for a nobel prize. >> this is why we want to put her forward for the peace prize, because of the way highlighted the plight of young women in education and all people in education in those areas. >> meantime, she herself continues to recover in a british hospital from a gunshot wound to the head. doctors say it could take weeks or months to recover completely. coming up later on 9 news now this sunday night, boy scouts across the region collecting food for people in need. are. and a practice run for the macy's thanksgiving day parade with new additions. they had great weather for the practice run. here n. d.c. metro area, lots of sunshine today. clear overnight tonight. what are you going to wake up
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to? temperatures will be milder than what we had early this morning into the 40s by 8:00 a.m. and 54 degrees downtown, 45 in the outlying suburbs. another mild day tomorrow. i'll tell you about the rest of the holiday weekend coming up.
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>> here's a list of some of the veteran events. ceremonies are being held sunday at the world war ii and vietnam veterans memorials. also arlington national ceremony. >> the ceremony at the world war ii memorial begins at 9:00 in the morning and will include a wreath laying and performance by the united states band brass quintet. at arlington national cemetery
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the ceremony will begin at 11:00. people put on the macy's thanksgiving parade did a test run today. you've got to practice these things. the famous balloons and their handlers were lined up on the meadowlands racetrack to practice navigating the giant balloons. new additions this year include hello kitty, papa smurf. the parade will take place in new york city, of course. the date, november 22nd. still ahead on 9 news now tonight, walking for health and raising money in the fight against this country's number one fatal disease. and the veteran's day. erica has the forecast when we come back.
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>> across our area today, boy scouts collected food for people in need. this is the second phase of the annual scouting for food. last week boy scouts delivered bags to hundreds of homes in the washington area. today they went back to collect those bags filled with food. one of the sites was a safe way store on piney branch road in northwest washington. safe way stores throughout the area took part in this. the capital area food bank will distribute the food to more than 700 agencies in our area. >> i'm really happy to see that the boys are participating in high numbers, getting a good sense of what it is to be hungry in our community. >> when you consider one in two
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children right here, washington, d.c., our nation's capital, doesn't know where their next meal is coming from, that's staggering. it's staggering across here. so events like this, scouting for food, working with partners, as i said safe way and channel 9, makes such a difference to the lives of those across our region. >> wusa 9 was a proud sponsor of today's event. since its launch in 1987, the scouting for food program has collected millions of pounds of food items for people in this area in need. thousands of people turned out in nationals park today to raise money to help fight heart disease. the american heart association reminds us all the time that heart disease and stroke are this country's number one and number three killers. today's walkers made their way on a course that started and ended in nationals park to raise money to combat heart disease and stroke. wusa 9 were also proud sponsors
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of this event designed to promote physical activity and heart-healthy lifestyles. >> that's something you care about very deeply as well. >> absolutely. most people know my story. i had a heart attack. started running. >> a great day for a run today. >> and the weather is cooperating. incredible. >> you've got to love great weather like this, especially on a holiday weekend when a lot of people want to get out and enjoy it. we'll extend this beautiful weather we had today through the rest of the three-day holiday weekend. let's take a look outside right now with the michael and son weather cam. a beautiful shot in northwest d.c. you can see that it is nice and clear out there. we don't have any weather issues overnight tonight. it's starting to get chilly though with the temperature of 48 degrees, dew point at 40 right now. light winds out of the northeast. at least we don't have so much of a wind chill factor overnight tonight. here's a look at our weather headlines. it will continue to be chilly tonight, but just seasonably chilly. no bone-chilling cold in our forecast for overnight tonight. then a beautiful sunday is ahead, but a cold front is on the way.
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that's going to bring a change in our forecast once we get back into that shortened work week. so enjoy the beautiful weather while you have off from work. of course, i'm not one of those people who have off from work during the holiday weekend. you can get out there and enjoy it once again tomorrow. right now, it is 48 degrees in d.c., like i said. 44 in martinsburg. 44 in winchester. 50 in hagerstown. 43 degrees in cumbers town. oakland, the warm air is rising up leaving it colder at the surface. the higher elevations aren't cooling down as fast overnight tonight. our satellite and radar shows the next approaching cold front, the area of low pressure sitting there and spinning in the upper midwest and that will pull down some cooler air, but not bone-chilling cold in our forecast. in the meantime, we have the warm front on the way. and since we will be in the warm sector to the south of the warm front to the east of the cold front, we're going to continue to enjoy that beautiful warm dry weather over the next couple of days. overnight tonight, mostly
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clear, not too cool as i mentioned before. 37 to 46 for your overnight lows with light winds becoming westerly. mostly sunny, very nice tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40s. so you'll need that jacket, but you can ditch the jacket in the afternoon. mostly sunny, even milder than today. nice pleasant weather with temperatures in the upper 60s for most of us. let's take a look at that zone forecast. you'll see temperatures in the upper 60s in places like manassas where it will get up to 67 degrees tomorrow. 60 in cumberland. not too bad. lots of sunshine here. a light breeze from the south and southwest helping to keep those temperatures nice and mild for us. 68 in annapolis. 68 in d.c. and andrews air force base. 67 in georgetown. if you're heading out for the ravens game, they're playing the raiders. highs around 70 degrees at the stadium. so i don't think you'll need the jacket for that 1:00 kickoff. we're going code green for the next couple of days. a few showers possible late on monday. this is not a daytime thing. as that cold front approaches, so we'll keep it dry for both
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sunday and monday. beautiful temperatures in the 60s. but then we cool it down in the 50s by tuesday, because of the front moving through. the showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder as that front moves through on tuesday. cooler weather will persist as the front moves out. temperatures back into the mid- 50s for highs, but lots of sunshine in the forecast on wednesday and thursday. and looking ahead to next weekend, a chance for another storm system. another one that could bring us a little bit of light rain on saturday. >> all right. >> everybody here hoping alabama lost the game. it was a great game. >> great game. texas a&m, johnny football, their quarterback there. young buck leading the way. it's a big college football saturday around here, too. maryland living a harsh reality. no real quarterback, no chance. clemson opens the woodshed up and maryland walks right on in. an ugly loss. wait until you see the ending of the virginia/miami game
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that. guy right there was balling, good stuff. speaking of good stuff, the nats knock off a good man. it's all coming up next in sports.
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>> well, it's big news and then again you sort of saw this coming. the nationals thought all along that davy johnson was the right man to lead this young team.
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when the season ended, signing him was priority number one. consider priority number one complete. the team announced today they signed him to a one year jail. the 70-year-old johnson will remain with the season and remain with the team after that. we have some unfinished business to attend to. i have a feeling this upcoming season will be filled with many memorable moments. here's why they want him back. 138 and 107 with the nats, including a league high 98 regular season wins for this year. his predecessor not that good, 140 and 172. johnson one of the favorites for the manager of the year that will be named this week. wizards, look at randy whitman. wow. it's saturday, though, so i guess the bank is open. bradley bill, he even has a laugh himself. young buck had a pretty good game, 17 points. turnovers killing the wiz. gerald green grants that orange
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in a flush, wizards drop to 0 and 5. 89-85, the final tonight. well, count alex ovechkin as one who's -- nhl player rep is holding up the process so he shot back today tweeting clown. tell it all, man. then he continued how about we get a deal done instead of making fun of donald fair. wow, to be continued, i guess. college football, poor maryland. no quarterbacks, no diggs today. now they begin a brutal stretch run to end the season. florida state, north carolina. today a trip to death valley to face clemson, one of the toughest places to play. shawn petty, talk about a guy being thrown into the fire, former linebacker. looks like a linebacker trying to throw there. he gives it up. crawford scoops and scores. maryland had 41 yards passing
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and three turnovers. clemson quarterback boyd only had 8 completions. tigers went 35-7 at recess, maryland did get on the board. petty to campbell, but it was all all clemson. the terps now 4-5. great game in charlottesville. always a good smoke machine by the way, i wanted. virginia down in the fourth. watch the catch. the toe tap in the back of the end zone, that was jennings only catch of the day. cavs in the two-minute drill. jake mcgee, that catch is better. cruz shocked mccain. great finish today. west virginia reeling. they lost three straight. west virginia has given up an average of 50 points in the last four weeks. you think the redskins defense is bad? how about that? they lose 55-34 to west virginia -- or i should say to
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oklahoma state. west virginia really struggling here. navy looking to win its sixth straight at troy state. but robinson says choo choo, and b. j. mckinney says i'll take that 62 yards. troy wins 41-31. navy falls to 6-4. all right, on to soccer now. d.c. united about to do something difficult. how about come back after a thrilling win and focus on the job at hand. not easy. the club won its first playoff game since 2007 in dramatic fashion on thursday. tomorrow they'll be short- handed in houston and here's why. that guy has a red card for an illegal tackle and then got tossed. that means you miss the nextgame. also without andy who threw a ball at a ref and a two-game penalty. down a level, maryland and umc set to play at the championship at the soccer plex in germantown tomorrow.
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the terps beat unc in overtime at home. they know this is going to be must-see tv. >> this is a sexy one for sunday. it's what everybody wants to see and we're delighted that we're part of it. we have one of the great college -- probably the best college game of the year already this year. now it's time to recover and get ready for round on two. >> round two should be good. high school football, this is gonzaga's robby walker. looks like a runner to me. breaking tackles for the score. here comes taiwan deal. exchange rate is good. five touchdowns. 40-27, a massive win. >> a couple weeks ago, a bounce back like this, it's a tremendous victory for our program. i'm extremely proud of our boys. >> that's playoff game and they're heading on to take on
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good council. finally, dunbar woodson for the right to go to the turkey bowl. criminalson tide played well today and actually won. they run down the punter here otter rant snap. then patterson going to punch it in. dunbar advances to the turkey bowl. they'll take on wilson who defeated anacostia this afternoon. >> thanks a lot, everybody. see you back here tomorrow.
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